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Graduated from Habibia high school , Kabul Afghanistan in 1958 Drafted by the Afghan government to Royal Afghan military academy to become an Army officer.

Drafted to Royal Afghan Air force to become a pilot and was sent to USA for pilot training  1961.

Attended the USAF language training school  in 1961.


Graduated in 1963 and then to Nellis AFB for gunnery school in F-86 July of 1963 Back to Afghanistan and assigned  to Bagram Air base flying MIg 15 and Mig 17.

1965 was sent to USSR to be trained in MIg-21 interceptor.

1966 returned to Bagram Air base and assigned to Royal Afghan Air force acrobatic team .

1968 back to USA attending the aerospace safety and management course in USC.

Jet engine accident investigator in Chanute AFB Ill.

OJT as a Safety officer Reese AFB and got checked out in T-38.

while waiting  for Squadron officers school , I became a traffic controller, in Keesler AFB.

All of Air force career finished in July 1970 and received my orders to return back to Afghanistan, But instead I returned to Los Angeles To start a new life:

I found a job as a parking lot attendant  in Hollywood, CA. At the mean time I received an instructor's license to teach flying in small a/c.

I found a job in Brackett field as a flight instructor  1972-1973.

I bought a small coffee shop in 1973 and still own it, but at the same time became a corporate pilot for law offices of Herbert  and continued teaching flying part time.

While I run the restaurant with the help of my wife Fahima, flew as a corporate pilot for Herb, I entered the Claremont graduate school  for a PHD.

I flew Mrs. Carter during her husbands campaign for president around S. Ca. with Herbert Hafif who was Carter's Campaign co- chairman.

In 2009 I was hired by a private firm to become a senior civilian advisor for the department in Afghanistan. I spent 13 months in Afghanistan.

I consider this last assignment as a highlight of my careers where I helped the country of my heritage  that I love and the country that I choose to bring up my family and I love as much.

I am married to Fahima for 45 years, we produced a daughter, Asya Ghafarshad Beardsley who has two sons, Shaheen and Massed, and a son, Dawoud Ghafarshad who has a son Mateen and daughter Farah.

Both my daughter and my son finished school with M.A. but choose to help us run the business  as managers.

Nangy has written a book on his life entitled, "To Lift a Mirror For What You've Lost, My Life in Afghanistan and the United States". Go to to order a copy.