Colonel John Butterfield, USAF (ret.)


John & Judie Butterfield


2007 Reunion


2012 Reunion



Birthplace/Date: New London, CT, 21 March 1938

Hometown: Gettysburg, PA.

Education: B.A. Syracuse University 1960, M.A. Webster University 1978

Military Service/Source of Commission: 30 June 1961-1 October 1991/OTS

Duty Assignments:

  Jun. 1961-Sep. 1961--Officer Training School, Lackland AFB, TX.

  Sep. 1961-Dec. 1962--USAF Pilot Training, Reese AFB, TX.

  Jan. 1963-May 1963--Student-C-130A CCTS, Sewart AFB, TN.

  May 1963-Jun. 1964--Pilot-41st TCS, Evreux-Fauville AB, FR.

  June 1963-Jan. 1965--Pilot-41st TCS, Lockbourne AFB, OH.

  Jan. 1965-Aug. 1968--Pilot-41st TAS, Naha AB, OK.

  Aug. 1968-Mar. 197--Pilot-39 TAS/317 TAW, Lockbourne AFB, OH.

  Mar. 1970-Dec. 1973--Rated Officer Assignment Div, AFMPC, Randolph AFB, TX.

  Jan. 1974-Jun. 1974--Student-Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA.

  Jun. 1974-Nov. 1974--Student-C-130E CCTS, Little Rock AFB, AR.

  Nov. 1974-Feb. 1976--Chief, Stan/Eval. Div, 374 TAW, Clark AB, PH.

  Feb. 1976-Jun. 1976--Ops. Officer, 32 TAS, Little Rock AFB, AR.

  Jun. 1976-Jun. 1978--Commander, 61 TAS, Little Rock AFB, AR.

  Jun. 1978-Jun. 1979--Student, Air War College, Maxwell AFB, AL.

  Jun.1979-Jul. 1981--Chief, Airlift & Training Division, Director C-X Task Force, DCS/

                                    Research, Development & Acquisition, Pentagon, Wash. DC

  Jul. 1981-Jun. 1982--Vice Cmdr., 463 TAW, Dyess AFB, TX.

  Jun.1982-Jun. 1985--Commander, 463 TAW, Dyess AFB, TX.

  Jul. 1985-Jul. 1987--Commander, Det. 5., AFROTC, Auburn Univ., AL.

  Jul. 1987-Sep. 1991--Commander AFROTC Southeast Region, Maxwell AFB, AL.

Awards & Decorations:

Silver Star, Legion of Merit (3), DFC, Air Medal (8), AFCM, AFOUA (5), AFPUC (3), OEA (3), Navy PUC, CRM (2), NDSM, AFEM, VSM (6), HSM (2), RVN GC, RVN          CM.

Non-Military Positions:

   Nov. 1991-Nov. 1993--President, National Firearms Association, Austin, TX.

   Nov. 1993-Nov. 1995--Member, Board of Directors, National Firearms Assn.

   Jan. 1996-Present--CEO, J&J Associates.


   Judith (wife), Kristin E. Vickery (daughter), Thomas D. Vickery (grandson).


   Sports, shooting/hunting, reading.